I am an ENFJ.  I knew that I was a “people person” before I took this test.  I have always been sympathetic and like to help people.  I have been called a good friend and I am outgoing.  I never thought I might be a good public speaker!


I am an RSA.  I like to do practical things, where I can see the results of what I am working on.  I like to work with my hands and I don’t like doing paperwork.  I like to help people and do things where I can express myself.


The results of the values test were not a surprise to me.  I like to know that my teachers (managers) are supporting me and helping me where I need it.  I don’t like to compete with other people, I would rather work co-operatively.  And I need good working conditions to succeed.


Some of the jobs that were suggested for me were things I don’t want to do: Shampooer, Floral Designer, Manicurist, Funeral Attendant!

I really like children so I might look into being a child care worker.  I am also interested in Photography so that is a possibility.  I like dancing but as a hobby, not as a job.

I really want to be a cook.  It didn’t come up on my list of jobs but that doesn’t matter too much.  I looked at the NOC code for Cook: http://www5.hrsdc.gc.ca/NOC/English/NOC/2011/ProfileQuickSearch.aspx?val=6&val1=6322&val65=*