Course Planner

I am working towards an Evergreen certificate.  I don’t have to take all the academic courses needed for a Dogwood certificate. These are the courses I will probably take in grade 11 and 12:

Grade 11 Grade 12
Earth science LSC English (x2)
LSC English (x2) LSC math (x2)
LSC math (x2) Photography
Foods PE
PE Work experience
Art metal work ? One more course ?

In grade 11 and 12 I will be Assistant Manager of hot dog day at school. This will give me experience with kitchen skills, time management and math.
I haven’t decided what I want to do after high school but one of the programs I could take is at VCC. It is called Food Service Careers and it is a full time program for students with diverse learning needs. It doesn’t have any academic course requirements.

To get in this program I must have
• a grade 5 reading level
• a diagnosis with difficulties with learning
• good communication skills
• passed two interviews
• passed a hands-on assessment in the teaching kitchen
• good finger and hand dexterity
• a mature and positive attitude

The program is 38 weeks long, full time, and includes 12 weeks of practicum. The tuition is $1560. My mom and dad have money in an RESP to pay for the course.
At the end of the program I will earn FOODSAFE level 1, World Host and Serving it Right certificates and I can work in a restaurant.



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