Spring Break travel budget

For Spring Break 2018 I am planning to go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with 3 of my friends.

We will stay at the Buenaventura Grand Hotel and Spa (http://www.hotelbuenaventura.com.mx) for one week.

This is one of the lower priced hotels on the list from Westjet Vacations (http://www.westjet.com/vacations/en/home.shtml;jsessionid=F5858F1403E03BD9BB8EDF8D5C843451) .

It is an all-inclusive hotel which means that food and drinks are included in the total price. This hotel is a short walk from the downtown area so we will not have to take taxis.

I would like to go on the Outdoor Adventure offered by Vallarta Adventures.  I did this adventure one year ago with my family and I would like to do it again with my friends. The description is here:


I will be able save enough money for this trip from my monthly allowance I earn at home by doing chores like walking my dog, vacuuming, dusting, emptying the dishwasher, weeding and setting/cleaning the table.

Spring Break 2018 Excel Budget breakdown


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